The latest Ys 9 trailer gives an overview of Adol's Monstrum allies and the unique Gifts they bring to the party.

Meet the Monstrums in New Ys 9 Trailer

The latest Ys 9 trailer gives an overview of Adol's Monstrum allies and the unique Gifts they bring to the party.
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NIS America released a new Ys 9: Monstrum Nox trailer highlighting Adol Christin’s Monstrum allies. The trailer gives a peek at each Monstrum’s special ability and showcases some of the voice acting ahead of the game’s February 2, 2020 release date on PlayStation 4.

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First up is Adol himself. After getting zapped with the mysterious Aprilis’ also mysterious gun, Adol turns into the Crimson King and uses his Gift to move nimbly above the rooftops of Balduq.

The charitable thief known as the White Cat can run up walls, while The Doll’s gift lets players see through walls to uncover treasure and other hidden secrets.

Raging Bull uses her Valkyrie Hammer to destroy obstacles, and The Hawk uses Hunter’s Descent to glide above the land and access hard-to-reach places. 

Finally is Renegade, a rogue intellectual who sinks into the darkness with Shadow Dive to navigate around obstacles that can’t be destroyed.

Though NIS America hasn’t announced Ys 9‘s voice cast yet, the trailer suggests Bryce Papenbrook and Patrick Seitz reprise their Ys 8 roles as Adol and Dogi respectively.

Ys 9 takes a 180-degree turn from the vast tropical island of Ys 8, focusing on the dark city of Balduq and its many secrets. The latest in the Ys series is set for a February 2 launch on PlayStation 4, with PC and Nintendo Switch versions to follow later in 2021. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Ys 9: Monstrum Nox news as it develops.

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