Mega Man Legends 3 Getting New Life

With a new lease on life, what will this small group accomplish?

A group called 100,000 Strong as well as a few Capcom individuals are helping bring this game to the world in a whole new light.

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After it’s cancellation and destruction of Mega Man Universe, the future looked bleak for the Megaman franchise–but there seems to be a couple that are not able to let go.  Of course, with them not being funded by Capcom, they obviously are doing this purely as a fan made project so don’t go expecting the original MML3 build of the game.

Watching the video you will notice that while looking like the classic Mega Man as well as sharing some very specific traits, (screen scrolling and that jump animation) they are adding some new moves.  Rolling, drop kicks and talking to characters in the environment means they are trying to make something different feeling and close to what MML3 was supposed to be.

With Hideki Ishikawa and Makoto Tomozawa also joining the fray there seems to be some real care coming into this project even from the Capcom side.  I don’t believe Capcom really has anything to do with the creation but the composer and artist just wanted this game to see some form of release. 

Know the best part of this all?

The game will be FREE!

That’s right, in the video description they state it should be out some time in August and will be free to play for all.  It is refreshing to see the love these people are putting into it and not asking to a dime.

Like I said though, this is a lot of work these folks are putting into it and if you want to support them in one form or another, feel free to on their Facebook page.

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