Metal Gear Online 3 demo vid shows classes and gameplay

Metal Gear Online 3 is going live on Oct. 6th for console, January 2016 for PC.

Metal Gear Online 3 is going live on Oct. 6th for console, January 2016 for PC.
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The Metal Gear Online games have always been good fun, and Metal Gear Online 3 is sure to follow in its predecessors footsteps in being pretty awesome. 

Konami released a new Metal Gear Online 3 video demo, showing off the game’s classes, character creation, and gameplay. Check it out in the video above.

MGO3 will have three classes, all three of which are briefly touched on in the video.

  • Infiltrator – A through and through stealth class that can interrogate enemies to see the location of other targets. 
  • Scout – Best at seeing enemies from a distance and can tag them for allies to get vision. The essential sniper character.
  • Enforcer – The run-and-gun glass in MGO. Specializes in heavy weapons use.

These three together create a balance that players of previous Metal Gear Online games are familiar with, and each has its own place on the field.

MGO3 will also allow players to get in on the online action using Revolver Ocelot or Snake, should they want to. These are the only two series characters currently announced, and hopefully more are available once the game goes live.

Anyone who owns Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain on consoles will be able to jump into Metal Gear Online 3 on October 6th, just three weeks away. PC players are going to have to wait, though, as Konami has delayed the PC launch for MGO3 until January 2016.

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