Metal Gear Solid Pachinko trailer gets more dislikes than Infinite Warfare

New footage of the Metal Gear Solid pachinko machine met with universal hatred.

New footage of the Metal Gear Solid pachinko machine met with universal hatred.

Konami’s latest endeavor in what feels like a series of blatant cash-grabs is a pachinko machine based on one of their most popular franchises, Metal Gear Solid. And the reveal trailer has been met with negativity from almost everyone. The trailer shows a beautifully remade version of the climactic battle between Naked Snake and The Boss, one of the most iconic scenes of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. But at this moment, it has almost thirty thousand dislikes and less than a thousand likes. That’s a significantly worse ratio than the infamously disliked Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer received. 

While it’s generally a bad idea to look at YouTube comments, it’s hard to argue with most of them on this video.  Many are decrying this as the death of Konami, and others have compared the trailer to other poorly received trailers, most notably Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  Even Jim Sterling, the gaming pundit known for his long-standing distrust of the company, commented with the famous “#FucKonami,” a sentiment echoed by many others.

Despite all of this, the visuals show in the trailer actually look amazing, remaking one of the most emotional scenes in the game in stunning HD.  Of course, given that it’s just a pachinko machine, exactly how much of this will factor into the game itself is dubious, and it’s a shame to see a company with such a longstanding and influential IP waste the technology on a gambling machine.

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