Metal Gear Solid’s composer honors Satoru Iwata with Earthbound tribute song

Pick up this Earthbound melody tribute to Satoru Iwata.

Pick up this Earthbound melody tribute to Satoru Iwata.

Musical duo Gentle Love released the song Onett on November 6th as part of the two song album “Prescription for Peace: A Tribute to the Departed.” Onett honors the memory of Satoru Iwata by drawing inspiration from the Earthbound series he helped create. Norihiko Hibino, one of the many artists Iwata mentored, helped write and perform the medley.

For many of us, Iwata remains a creative and innovative soul who took his love and passion for games and shared it with the world, crafting unforgettable experiences and challenging what a video game could do with consistent wonder and awe. His passing on July 11th, 2015 brought together millions of fans around the globe seeking solace in his departure while releasing messages of grief and gratitude to honor his memory. Gentle Love’s cover of Onett adds to these touching messages, many of which consisted of fan art picturing the man with his beloved creations, while following the theme of celebrating Iwata’s life and work.

Norihiko Hibino, composer for Metal Gear Solid, and pianist AYAKI make up the Gentle Love team. Onett covers the Earthbound Onette theme, known in Japan as Mother 2, with a piano and saxophone medley. Before Iwata became President of Nintendo in 2002, he worked as a programmer on Earthbound, making the selection wholly appropriate as it revisits his beginnings in the industry.

Loudr sells the beautiful 8 minute and 26 second tribute song for $1 to cover licensing fees to Nintendo and distribution fees. The cost itself also honors Iwata’s memory with a promise that all additional proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

“Above all, video games are just meant to be one thing: Fun. Fun for everyone.” – Satoru Iwata, Game Developers Conference 2006

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