Meteor Kids Creator is 9 Years Old

Nine-year-old Ian's game, Meteor Kids, releases on iOS devices

Nine-year-old Ian's game, Meteor Kids, releases on iOS devices
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If you thought developing games was just for adults with a computer science degree, think again. Meet Ian, a nine-year-old child who has created his very own iOS game named Meteor Kids.

The premise of the game is simple: guide your rocket, avoid red meteors, and destroy brown and blue meteors. In practice, it’s a surprisingly difficult game–but very fun and easy to use.

Ian started the project after his dad started to get annoyed about how much Ian was playing video games during the Christmas period. His dad urged Ian to ‘pick up his guitar, play LEGO or paint something.’ Ian responded with a desire to learn programming and make his own video game.

So Ian, with his dad (who has basic programming skills himself), took to the Khan Academy website, which is a free website that covers math and the fundamentals of programming. Kids can explore programs made by others, write their own programs and share them.

After their first draft version was finished, Ian decided he wanted to do a iPhone version. After delving more into programming, both Ian and his dad finally made the finished product. His dad admits that it was Ian’s passion that kept the project going, saying:

“Ian’s passion and interest over the coming weeks kept us going and with some assistance from me he successfully made an iOS version”

 He went on to say that while it may not be the greatest game in the world, it’s their game, and they are very proud it. Instead of consuming, they have created something–and that is something to be proud of.

I love every aspect of this story, and it’s something we need more of. Not only is nine-year-old Ian’s passion and commitment to his project inspiring, but how the whole thing brought him and his dad closer together is a shining example of what a positive effect gaming can have on this world.

Head on over to their website for more information, and don’t forget to check out their game, Meteor Kids, in the app store now!

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