Metro Exodus: Which Edition Should I Buy?

The release of Metro Exodus is almost a month away, and some fans may be wondering which version of 4A's new first-person shooter they should purchase.

The release of Metro Exodus is almost a month away, and some fans may be wondering which version of 4A's new first-person shooter they should purchase.

With the release of Metro Exodus about a month away, some fans may now be trying to determine exactly which version of the first-person shooter they want to purchase. Ranging from very simple to extremely elaborate, there are indeed a number of editions to consider. 

The most straightforward version of Metro Exodus is its Standard Edition, which simply consists of the base game. Physical copies are available through normal channels for $59.99. Digital copies can be purchased through the Epic Games Store at $49.99 for the PC version, and the Microsoft and PlayStation Stores have them available for $59.99.

The Gold Edition is a digital-only option available through the Epic Games Store as well as the Microsoft and PlayStation Stores. It costs $74.99 for the PC version and $84.99 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It consists of the base game along with the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass, which will give players access to the game’s post-release content.

For players that are interested in a more elaborate release, the Aurora Limited Edition is available at standard retailers for $89.99. This edition includes the game in a Steelbook case, a 32-page art book, and the aforementioned Metro Exodus Expansion Pass, all contained within “a metal outer case inspired by the Aurora.”

Additionally, the most dedicated fans can pick up the Spartan Collector’s Edition exclusively on the Metro Exodus website. This special edition comes bundled with the Aurora Limited Edition, and it features a premium statue, collectible postcards, dog tags, and patches for $234.98 plus shipping and handling.

Finally, the ultra-rare Artyom Custom Edition has recently been announced. The only way to obtain one of these versions is to win it through a series of upcoming promotions, which will be announced on Metro Exodus‘s social media pages, and it contains the following items:

  • A fully-functional, hand-made Nixie Watch
  • A Gas Mask and Filter
  • A working Bullet Lighter made from a decommissioned shell
  • A hand-made steel Spartan dog tag to be engraved with the recipient’s name
  • A leather map case and map of the Aurora’s journey
  • A personalised Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Dmitry Glukhovsky and Andrew ‘Prof’ Prokhorov

As is common, there are also a number of pre-order bonuses for those that wish to confirm their copy of Metro Exodus prior to release. This includes a “panoramic poster that showcases the range of mutants that the crew of the Aurora will encounter as they forge across post-apocalyptic Russia” for anyone that pre-orders a physical copy of the Standard or Aurora Limited Editions.

Furthermore, pre-orderers will receive varying perks based on their preferred platform:

  • All Xbox One pre-orders, physical or digital include a copy of Metro 2033 Redux – the first game in the Metro saga, remastered for the Xbox One
  • All PlayStation 4 pre-orders, physical or digital, include a stunning Dynamic Theme based on the Metro Exodus ‘Winter’ artwork

Players that are excited about the release of Metro Exodus have quite a bit to mull over with respect to which edition to buy. With the additional pre-order bonus opportunities, there are certainly a number of bonus perks available for those who are interested as well.

To order the Spartan Collector’s Edition or receive more details on the Artyom Custom Edition, fans should visit the Metro Exodus website.

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