Mewnium Z Available with Pokemon Bank Download

Nintendo gives extra incentive to use Pokemon Bank.

Nintendo gives extra incentive to use Pokemon Bank.

It has been several months since Pokemon Sun and Moon were released, and players eagerly have been awaiting the release of Pokemon Bank. With this new update, players will be able to transfer Pokemon not available in the Alola region from previous Pokemon games into Sun and Moon.

Along with the knowledge that Pokemon Bank requires 496 blocks to download, and that Pokemon transferred from Generation 1 will have their hidden ability when brought into Sun and Moon — we’ve learned that from now till October 2nd, 2017, those who download Pokemon Bank will be able to get Mew’s exclusive Z-Crystal, Mewnium Z.

Data miners discovered the existence of Mew’s Z-Move very quickly, and now, Mewnium Z will be made available legitimately. When equipped to the legendary Pokemon, Mew, once per battle, Mew can upgrade one of its Z-Moves into the incredibly powerful and flash, Genesis Supernova.

However, only people who have a legitimately caught Mew will be able to make use of this new Z-Crystal. Mews that were acquired using a glitch in the Generation 1 games are not transferable into Sun and Moon.

Are you excited to use Pokemon Bank? Do you have a Mew ready to use Genesis Supernova? Let me know in the comments!

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