Mewtwo’s new form gets official name in Pokken Tournament

Mewtwo's new form gets an official name.

Mewtwo's new form gets an official name.

Earlier this week, players of the Japanese arcade game Pokkén Tournament revealed a new mega evolution of the legendary Mewtwo. The interwebs went crazy dubbing the mysterious form, “Dark Mewtwo,” well they weren’t far from the official name.

The Pokémon Company has now confirmed the official name of this form as: “Shadow Mewtwo.”

This leads us to wonder, if this is considered an official form of Mewtwo, is this form exclusive only to Pokkén Tournament? Or will we be able to catch and train him in the rumored Pokémon Z? Could he be launch of Shadow-formed Pokémon? Mewtwo wouldn’t be the first legendary to get a shadow form exclusive to a console game, Lugia also got an exclusive shadow form.

Shadow Lugia appeared in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for GameCube

Unfortunately, Shadow Lugia never made its way into any version of DS or 3DS game. However, it did appear in the TCG, which would also be very likely for Shadow Mewtwo.

Pokkén Tournament is currently only playable in Japanese arcades and the Dave & Busters in Times Square New York. The game is set to release worldwide for the Wii U in 2016.

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