Microsoft and Sony will keep game prices the same with their next gen consoles

$59.99 is the magic number for Xbox One and PS4 games

$59.99 is the magic number for Xbox One and PS4 games

According to a Microsoft representative, first party games on the Xbox One will be released for $59.99 (US). Sony America president and CEO Jack Tretton implied during an interview in February that the PS4 would also be releasing games at that price range. Yes, that means your local Walmart, Gamestop, and even Amazon will carry next gen titles at the same price we’ve become accustomed to.

This is good seeing that, despite the increased capabilities of the games, production costs, and the work developers are putting into their product, that prices will remain the same as they have over the past 8 years.

However, Microsoft has remained quiet about any potential decrease in price when purchasing games online. Although the price difference wouldn’t be substantial, it would be a great incentive for customers to make the move from physical games.

Also gamers have been able  purchase cheaper games ($1-$20) on their respective online networks as soon as they come to the market, but have never gotten a chance at online release day purchases for major titles. Many are hoping that with the next generation, this will no longer be an issue. Instead of waiting in line for midnight releases, or even pre-ordering, they can merely purchase their $60 game in the comfort of their own home.

Of course you would probably miss out on all the pre-order incentives stores offer, but for some, the time and money saved might be a greater enticement.


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