Microsoft confirms adapters for Xbox One to use Xbox 360 headsets!

Microsoft confirms they are working on adapters for current wired headsets.
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Previously, Microsoft had announced that the Xbox One would not come with a headset and that the Kinect would be taking its place. Peripheral companies have been striving to make new products that would be One capable since they were told their old products would not work. However some of those companies have received some good news: Microsoft responded to a Twitter question of whether or not our current headsets would work on the new Xbox One. Microsoft responded with:

“We are currently working on adapters for current wired headsets to connect. More details as we approach launch.”

This is good news for users who don’t want to use the Kinect sound, as well as the peripheral companies. While I doubt peripheral companies will halt their progress in making new accessories for the Xbox One, at least they will still make money on their older models in the meantime.

I personally would like to see an adapter for the TurtleBeach headset.

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