Microsoft's new partnership with Rainway promises to help bring xCloud to multiple devices through browsers.

Microsoft Partners With Rainway to Bring xCloud Everywhere

Microsoft's new partnership with Rainway promises to help bring xCloud to multiple devices through browsers.

Microsoft has partnered with Rainway to use their browser solution to easily bring xCloud to multiple devices running either Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Safari. 

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This is a big step forward for Microsoft’s streaming platform, and as xCloud is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, it only further rounds out the phrase “best deal in gaming” when talking about Game Pass. 

“Our goal at Xbox is to enable gamers around the world to play the games they want, on the devices they want, with the people they want,” said Kevin LaChapelle, the General Manager of Project xCloud through a press release.

LaChapelle went on to say:

To provide a consistent cloud gaming experience that spans multiple devices, we’re making games available through browser, which provides the necessary performance, compatability, and speed that meets the needs of gamers. As we continue on our journey to deliver content on a range of new devices through the web, we’re excited to partner with Rainway and utilize their cutting-edge browser technology in our streaming stack.

This partnership could potentially have incredible ramifications for cloud gaming, since one of the biggest draws to it is the incompatibility between browsers and the unreliable nature of Wi-Fi. Anything that Microsoft and others can do to make the stream as stable as possible will further move along the future of cloud gaming as a more tempting option for more players. 

The announcement comes alongside other news that Microsoft is rolling out xCloud beta access for Win 10 PCs and Apple devices starting on April 20, with support for Edge, Chrome, and Safari. 

Catherine Gluckstein, Vice President and Head of Product for xCloud, said in an Xbox Wire post that “we’re launching where invitees can play over 100 Xbox Game Pass titles through Edge, Google Chrome, or Safari.”

It’s not exactly clear how participants will be chosen, though there is currently a sign-up form for certain regions available in the Xbox Insiders subreddit, alongside a good deal of information that explains how to get started.

According to Gluckstein, the beta is meant to “fine-tune” the xCloud experience. Stay tuned for more on xCloud. 

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