Microsoft Purchases Xbox Fusion Domain Name

Xbox snapping up Xbox Fusion domain names

Xbox snapping up Xbox Fusion domain names

Microsoft has allegedly purchased multiple domain names, all with the name “Xbox Fusion.” Now Microsoft has been trying to brand several things with the name Xbox (such as Xbox Music), possibly to tie their brand to one of the more publicly successful endeavors. With the upcoming May 21st reveal, rumors are now flying that Xbox will name their new console the Xbox Fusion.

The domains Microsoft has allegedly registered include,,,,, and others.  Currently the domains simply point to the Xbox 360 page.  This domain information was sleuthed out by the folks at, who believe that Microsoft will choose Xbox Fusion over the other rumored names (Xbox Infinity, 720, etc) because of the volume of domain names that have been purchased.

It’s believed that Microsoft is nailing down the  domain name issue in advance because of the embarrassing situation that took place back in 2001 when Mircrosoft forgot to check to see if another company hadn’t already chosen the name Xbox (spoiler: Xbox Technologies registered a patent for the Xbox name seven months before Microsoft in 1999). That situation likely cost Microsoft quite a bit of money, and they’ve been better about hiding the names of their releases since then (i.e. the Kinect).

The Fusion name could make sense depending on the features released with the new Xbox, information we’ll know more of in late May. One rumored Xbox feature is the ability to “utilize your TV cable box,” and the idea of the Xbox as fusing together a multimedia and gaming device into one.

We’ll all know more May 21. 

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