Microsoft Solidifies Their Place in the Chinese market

No wonder Microsoft has been absent from the Japanese market.

Some time last year China reversed their laws on a long-standing console ban. This presented a huge population up for grabs. All three major players–Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo–wanted a piece of that gigantic pie. 

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Flash forward to the last few months. Sony and Microsoft have been duking it out over territory dominance. The new generation of consoles just a matter of weeks away. Microsoft has been pretty absent from the Japanese market. A market Sony currently has a strong install base in. 

This morning published this article, which basically states Microsoft now has more than just a foot in the door. They’ve established a contract in China to provide an “Xbox like experience…” on a new device by the name “BestPad“. The company investing $237 million into this venture is media giant BesTV

Who knows what this venture may hold for Microsoft in the future. As for now, the purchase decisions of millions of potential customers in the untapped Chinese market will be exciting to watch. 

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