Microsoft Takes Down Paywall for Streaming Apps

Microsoft may take down paywall for streaming apps

Microsoft may take down paywall for streaming apps

Ever want to watch Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon through your Xbox One or Xbox 360?

Well in June you can. Microsoft will no longer require an Xbox Live Gold membership to use these apps, and many more. Competitors like Sony and Apple have never required their members to pay money to use their services to watch streaming video through the popular apps mentioned above.

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With these services no longer hidden behind a paywall, there is speculation that Microsoft will roll out original shows uniquely catered to their audiences, to make paying for the Xbox Live Gold subscription worth it.

Shows tied into games themselves like a Halo series and a tabletop game called Deadlands are rumored to be behind the new paywall.

Gamer interest shows like a variety comedy series that might be called JASH in the Box and the sci-fi show Humans are also in production. Currently JASH is a channel on YouTube created by Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, Sarah Silverman, and Reggie Watts. Humans is based off of a show where humans and human like androids exist together.

All this news from Microsoft is to be taken lightly. With E3 approaching quickly, Microsoft might just need a little more time to create more buzz and finalize their plans for the rest of the year.

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