Microsoft Teams Up With Ghost in the Shell in Japan

Microsoft is building steam in Japan for the Xbox One

New Ghost in the Shell anime features Microsoft Surface RT

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A brand new Ghost in the Shell anime short is out from Surface Japan. The short is combination of a trailer and a commercial. A trailer for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell series titled Arise and a commercial for Microsoft’s new Surface RT tablet. The animations are made by Production I.G. and are gorgeous.

Fortunately, the 3-minute clip has no dialogue so don’t worry about subtitles. 

Microsoft is building steam in Japan for the Xbox One 

The clip and the product placement in the series are part of a huge promotional effort for Microsoft in Japan. Microsoft has never done well in Japan; the Xbox has especially had trouble competing with both Nintendo and Playstation. My guess is that the marketers at Microsoft are doing everything they possibly can to build the brand for the imminent Xbox One release.

If Ghost in the Shell Arise is good and can show Microsoft in a positive light, it would be huge. Ghost in the Shell is one of the most beloved anime series both in Japan and around the world. We’ll see if Microsoft has what it takes to gain a Japanese following.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

The first four 50-minute episodes of Arise are scheduled to release in Japan this month and will feature the Surface RT as a primary tech tool for everyone’s favorite sci-fi cyberpunk agents. The clip shows a newly remodeled Major Kusanagi and the old standbys of the series. 

Why does the Surface RT encourage people to constantly be jumping out windows, off buildings, and through glass? I have no idea, but that happens about 4 times in this 3-minute clip.

Have thoughts about Arise? Will Microsoft actually be able to succeed in Japan? Let us know in the comments below!

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