Microsoft Will Release Monthly Car Packs for Forza 5

Check out Forza Motorsport's new add-ons and car packs coming soon to Microsoft's Xbox One!

Check out Forza Motorsport's new add-ons and car packs coming soon to Microsoft's Xbox One!

Forza Motorsport has provided downloadable content since August 2007, when the first DLC pack of Forza Motorsport 2 was released. Since then, Forza Motorsport has distributed add-on content and regular car updates through monthly DLC packs. 

Now, Microsoft has said it will release Forza Motorsport 5 car packs on a monthly basis thanks to Turn 10 Studios, which is a subdivision of Microsoft and the creator of the Forza franchise. The monthly packs include a variety of add-ons and a feature of awesome cars players can make their own. 

What do add-ons offer?

The add-on feature grants players an ultimate experience of the car! Below is a list of the many capabilities add-ons offer players. 

  • Walk around the car
  • View the car’s interior and exterior
  • Start up and rev the engine
  • Change the paint
  • Learn about the car’s history and performance
  • Tune the car
  • Add a new livery design

Forza Motorsport 5 Car Passes

If you’re a big Forza fan and you’re interested in the different add-ons and car packs, you might want to take advantage of the Forza Car Pass. With a Car Pass, players will gain access to the newest add-on cars as they are released. For a discounted price of $49.99, which makes up for an 18 percent discounted price, players with a Car Pass will get six add-on packs (10 cars each). 

The First Car Pack Release

LaFerrari Car Pack will be the first car pack released for the Forza 5. The pack will give players a great first look into the 2013 LaFerrari. This new hypercar is said to not only look great, but also drive great! According to Dean Takahashi, writer for VentureBeat, the car runs on a 950-hp hybrid engine and the production is limited to 499 units. 

Is it all about the money?

There has been some negative commentary towards the add-on car packs. Some say the add-ons are a great way Microsoft can make a whole bunch of money from big-time video game racing fans. For instance, someone commented, “Forza’s a great game but the ‘DLC’ is one of the worst money grabs.”

Sure this is a great way for Microsoft to make more money, but what are your thoughts? Also, for those who are big Forza fans, is this a buy you will be making and will you be using a Car Pass? Why or why not?

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