Middle Earth Must Be Built In Minecraft!

Ever wanted to see Middle Earth in Minecraft? Well heres your chance!!

Ever wanted to see Middle Earth in Minecraft? Well heres your chance!!


Yes the famed Middle Earth in our all so loved blocky land of Minecraft, we’ve all done it, tried it, failed at it and then repeated.

Since the initial release of our beloved land of Minecraft players have bonded together to create their own fellowships and take on the mighty task of creating even a single significant building or area from J.R.R Tolkiens realm of Middle Earth, some have succeded , others have failed, and then there are those who go beyond with ambitions of creating a replica world of Middle Earth. Although this is yet to be fully completed the arrival of this master world is long awaited.

While we await the arrival of this master world ,many fellowships have formed together to create single significant locations from Middle Earth, many long hours were spent on these products and the following videos are the amazing and extrodinary finishing results..

1.The Shire

Every Midde Earth needs a Hobbit Hole to call home  and “not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.”


Who doesnt love a great…big…dark…orc ridden tower to call their own! Here we have featured the Tower of Orthanc complete with Isengard…and Trees!!

3. The Mines of Moria

Who doesnt love the Dwarfs! Mind you no amount of love is going to help these rock loving ,four foot race if they keep running out of places to live….. ANYWAY…. heres The Mines Of Moria!

4.Edoras and Aldburg

Edoras..home of the horselords, there dwells Théoden, King of Rohan. Now everyone is wowed by the sight of Edoras at first and this build is no exception.

5.Helms Deep

Perhaps one of the most significant fortresses in Middle Earth everyone wants their own little Helms Deep to defend in Minecraft from the not so endless sloughter of Uruk-Hai!!!…I mean mobs…

6.Minas Tirith

Who wouldnt want their own White City to be over run by invading forces?, complete with flying Nazgul!!!

7.Minas Morgul

Home to famed Witch King of Angmar and sister city to Minas Tirith a brilliant home to all those players out their with an urge to live in a Dark city with a brilliant view of a mountain side!  Enjoy!

8.Lond Daer

A Blast from the past of Middle Earth with the Remains of the Numenorean city of Lond Daer an amazing build with a lot of time put into it and a not-so-great place to live but you know… Whatever tickles your troll!

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