Mighty No 9 Brings In Takashi Tateishi Composer From Mega Man 2

Big news on the music side of things for Mighty No. 9.

Big news on the music side of things for Mighty No. 9.

The composer of the iconic Mega Man 2 soundtrack has joined forces with the Mighty No. 9 team to bring to life even more amazing music for the game. If you haven’t been following the Kickstarter updates online, Comcept announced the news yesterday. With Manami Matsume the composer of the original Mega Man being joined by Takashi Tateishi we can only look forward to great things with the Mighty No. 9 soundtrack.

A Bit of Music Research

I wanted to get a better understanding of Tateishi’s previous work with Mega Man 2, so I looked up the music on YouTube to get a good listen. I really like the Mega Man 2 music, particularly the Main Theme and Dr. Wiley’s Stage, It just has a feel of epicness. I really can’t wait to see what Tateishi brings to the Mighty No. 9 project, On a side note here is a really good rendition of Dr. Wiley’s Stage performed by Smooth McGroove.

While browsing YouTube for music clips from Mega Man 2, I also ran across several versions of Matsume’s Main Theme for Mighty No. 9. I must say this song is really catchy, and takes me back to old school video games that I enjoyed, such as the Sonic The Hedgehog series. With Matsume’s experience on Mega Man and her main theme for Mighty No. 9, I am really looking forward to the team up between her and Tateishi. Here is an amazing rock cover of Matsumae’s main theme from Mighty No. 9.

If you’re as excited as I am about this news, leave a comment below. With just a little over a day to go Mighty No. 9 has more than tripled their initial goal, so let’s hope more exciting announcements are posted in the coming weeks.

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