Mighty No. 9 Shows off New Boss, Still Barreling Through Stretch Goals

Mighty No. 5 is revealed, and he looks like one of the coolest bosses gaming has seen in a long time.

Mighty No. 5 is revealed, and he looks like one of the coolest bosses gaming has seen in a long time.

I know we’ve been talking about Mighty No. 9 a lot around here recently, but it’s big news and we’re really excited about it! It’s a grand revival of a genre that’s been sorely missed in gaming, and the devs know we want it. As such, they throw out updates frequently, and in one of the most recent ones, they showed off a new Mighty No.

Mighty update 5

Wednesday, comcept released a fifth update that introduced another one of the game’s bosses, Mighty No. 5. As another one of Beck’s brothers, No. 5 will be one of the game’s bosses, and is definitely the most threatening looking of the three revealed so far. He’s a much more military looking robot with several guns attached to his body, and he definitely looks ready to face off against Beck.

The update also goes into the process behind creating Mighty No. 5. It shows off a lot of concept art from the very first pieces to the end.  It shows a lot of Inafune’s creative process, as well as that of the artists working with him, which is always interesting to see.  It also shows that Inafune does want to distance this title from Megaman and make it a standalone title by making the Mighty No.’s less humanoid in nature. In contrast, Megaman’s robot masters were almost always humanoid designs.

Hitting all the right goals

The kickstarter project is also continuing to barrel through the recently updated stretch goals.  It hit the $1.5 million goal 2 days ago, and at the time of writing is about $8,000 away from hitting the next $1.75 million goal.  While the influx of funds has tapered off a bit, the game still seems to have a good chance to break the $2.2 million stretch goal and see console releases in addition to the PC, Mac, and Linux versions that are already guaranteed.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about Mighty No. 9.  It’s got a lot of really talented people working on it. It also brings back a style of game gamers have been missing for a while, even if it’s not necessarily the character we were all hoping to have helming a new title in the genre. If you want to help make to project better, check out the Kickstarter here, and be sure to stay tuned to Gameskinny for more on Mighty No. 9!

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