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Minecraft 1.20.10 Update Patch Notes

The latest patch brings sneak and recipe changes to the game.

The latest update for Minecraft went into effect on July 11. With multiple bug fixes, optimization changes, and some new content additions to Bedrock, the patch is a hefty one. Included in the update are over 50 fixes to community-reported issues, as well as content changes. Here’s what the 1.20.10 update for Minecraft focused on.

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Minecraft 1.20.10 Update Patch Notes

Recipe Changes

One of the biggest changes in the Minecraft 1.20.10 update involves recipes:

  • Building a boat no longer requires a shovel.
  • The Barrel now uses Planks instead of Sticks.
  • The Cobweb to String recipe has been removed.
  • Recipe unlocking is now available in Bedrock.

Other Important Changes

  • The short sneaking height has been reduced to 1.5 blocks.
  • Sneaking while riding is no longer available.
  • Short Sneaking behind a Crawl is now possible.
  • More actions can be detected by Sculk Sensors.
  • Farmer Villagers interact with Torchflower Seeds and Pitcher Pods but will not harvest the crop.
  • Mushrooms can spawn on fallen tree trunks.

Bug Fixes and Updates

Along with the major changes in the patch, there’s a ton of bug fixes and technical updates to the game. Some of these include:

  • Fixed Boats on Ice disappearing when Client-Side Chunk-Generation was enabled
  • Fixed issue with Jump Boost effect not affecting Magma Cubes
  • Suspicious Gravel and Suspicious Sand blocks now display correctly on Maps
  • Fixed black pixels being generated on maps when Client-Side Chunk Generation was enabled
  • An error message is now shown when attempting to upload a cross-platform restricted world to Realms, instead of uploading a corrupted world
  • Text-to-speech now reads item names when selecting items in the hotbar

For the full patch notes, with all the bug fixes and changes, head to the official Minecraft patch notes blog post.

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