Minecraft Announced for The Xbox One!

Minecraft Will Be Available On The Xbox One

Minecraft Will Be Available On The Xbox One

It is official! Minecraft is going to be playable on the Xbox One! 

This past E3 conference, Microsoft (with 4JStudios) released a trailer showing off the amazing number of hours played, worlds created, how many different countries Minecraft for the Xbox 360 players represent. The trailer ended with a very happy sight for Minecraft lovers! 

Now for all of those Minecrafters out there who are contemplating purchasing the Xbox One when it is released in November, don’t sweat about the lack of Minecraft! 

Good news for those who are not interested in the Xbox One and are sticking to the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. 4JStudios did release a tweet announcing the continued support for the Xbox 360 edition as well as the Xbox One. That means that if you are sticking with the Xbox 360, look forward to more future updates as well as skins packs, themes and gamer picture packs for Xbox Live! 

The trailer also released some other great news about in game advances that players have been looking for. After the “Minecraft Xbox One Edition” title is shown, it was then confirmed that Minecraft will be able to support bigger worlds, more players in multiplayer game sessions, and more!

This year’s E3 conference has brought a lot of great news and hopefully there is more to come!

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