Mojang lets loose a trio of frighteningly fun DLC in time for Halloween.

Minecraft Console Edition Receives Spooky Halloween Bundle

Mojang lets loose a trio of frighteningly fun DLC in time for Halloween.
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Just in time for Halloween, Mojang has dropped a Halloween-themed bundle for Minecraft Console Edition. 

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According to a post on the official blog, the bundle includes a creepy Halloween Battle Map, the chilling Campfire Tales Skin Pack, and The Halloween Mash-up — a terrifying custom-built world with its own unique texture packs.

And, in case frights aren’t really your fancy, the developer has also unleashed Battle Map Pack 4 and the Builder’s Pack.

Battle Map Pack 4 features three new maps: “Dig,” where you can explore an abandoned science base in the arctic, “Frontier,” which has a rugged, Western theme, and “Shrunk,”  a bedroom-themed map where everything is over-sized.

The Builder’s Pack comes with a mix of six different packs: the Biome Settlers Skin Pack 1, the Candy Texture Pack, the Cartoon Texture Pack, the Pattern Texture Pack, the Plastic Texture Pack, and finally, the Greek Mythology Mash-up.

All in all, it’s a good way for newcomers to get started in construction mastery. These releases are chock-full of goodies guaranteed to keep you busy whether you are battling, building, or just messing around. 

All three of these hefty bundles are currently available for download, and are sure to inspire some great creations out of console players. Happy haunting, Builders!

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