Minecraft gets monthly loot box for whopping $37 per month

Mojang releases monthly subscription box all about Minecraft.

Mojang releases monthly subscription box all about Minecraft.

Grab your pickaxe and prepare to mine for diamonds in the rough. You might have been excited to hear about Loot Gaming by Loot Crate, but now there is something specifically for Minecraft fans by a different company.

Mojang has released a monthly subscription of official, “hand-picked” Minecraft goodies called Mine Chest. For $30 a month + $7 in shipping and tax, Minecraft fans can get a swag box of an array of things such as t-shirts, DIY crafting recipes, exclusive items not found in stores, and collectibles. Each month a different, Mine Chest exclusive shirt will come in the chest. 

The Mine Chest is a US exclusive and cannot be shipped internationally.

Players can now subscribe for the Mine Chest and can expect their first chest to arrive in May. There are two subscription plans to choose from: a 3 or 6-month subscription plan. You pay all at once and then just wait for the months to roll by until your exclusive chest shows up on your doorstep. 

Just like Minecraft, the Mine Chest is for all ages. Mojang promises that there will be no repeat items, so every time you open your chest you are guaranteed something new and unique. 

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