Minecraft: XBOX 360 Edition TU9 Brings So Much Good Stuff

Find out what awesome stuff is coming out for Minecraft on the 360 this patch.

Find out what awesome stuff is coming out for Minecraft on the 360 this patch.

This edition of Minecraft for the 360 brings with it a whole bunch of new features and items to whet your building appetite.

Minecraft’s “The End” has been added with a new layout and new behavior for the Enderdragon. New music has been added, as well, for the End and the Nether.

A whole slew of new Minecraft items have been added: climbable vines, fire charge, wooden button, item frames, spawn eggs, sandstone stairs, spruce stairs, birch stairs, nether bricks, spruce planks, birch planks, nether brick slabs, spruce slabs, and birch slabs. In addition to that, a new gravel texture has been added.

In addition to the great new items, there’s been a few practical changes to existing Minecraft items as well:

  • Dispensers now dispense mobs from the spawn eggs instead of the eggs themselves. They can shoot fire charges. They will also dispense water or lava if a water or lava bucket is put in.
  • Buckets and signs can now be stacked. Sheep will regrow their wool after being sheered. Netherrack can be smelt using a nether brick furnace now.
  • There’s been three crafting recipe changes: sign recipe will give three signs, half slab recipe gives six half slabs, and stone button only requires one block of stone (down from two.)
  • You can now find the same kind of loot you are able to in Strongholds by searching through the chests found in blacksmith buildings in villages.
  • Fence gates can now open and close through the use of redstone. Whenever soul sand is generated in the nether, nether wart will randomly spawn. It even grows in the overworld now.
  • Trapdoors can now be placed on stairs and half slabs.Half of the music disc quests have been moved to the tutorial.
  • Players can now block with a sword while the host sets the “Can Build and Mine” feature to unchecked.
  • The tutorial world has been changed to reflect some of the new features and items.
  • There’s been some improvements to the Minecraft’s UI and graphical transitions, as well:
  • In terms of terrain, beaches will now be generated. There will also be a smoother color transition when going between different biomes.
  • Ghast sound effects have been lowered in volume. Conversely, jukeboxes now have a longer distance from which they can be heard.
  • Both the loading/saving and the lighting performances have been improved.
  • HUD size options have been added for both full screen modes and split screen modes. Furthermore, each screen in split screen can now control its own HUD.
  • Toggles have been added for death messages as well as to control whether or not to display the animated character in the UI.
  • There have also been a number of fixes to preexisting problems in Minecraft:
  • When attaching glowstones to pistons, the game should no longer crash. Same thing with nether portal crashes due to Ghast fireballs and the crash that happens when players throw enderpearls and leave the game.
  • The problem with the render update on the end of the world chunks has been resolved. Cave spider size has now been fixed. Experience orb sounds not having a pitch variance has also been fixed.

Happy crafting in Minecraft: XBOX 360 Edition TU9!

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