Minecraft’s Notch Releases Unity-Based Game ‘Drop’

Boy howdy, I do love me some blocks with letters on them.

Boy howdy, I do love me some blocks with letters on them.

We all know of Markus “Notch” Persson as the Minecraft developer, and recently he was spotted in the internet-wild taking part in the Ludum Dare competition to create a game in 48 hours. This seems to have not gone well, but! He did release a browser-based game for you to have some fun with.

The game, named Drop, can be found here. The game uses Unity development tools, so be ready for a small download if you’re not usually so Unity-inclined.

Drop requires that players be able to type letters in a sequence in order to progress, which can get a bit tricky if you find yourself looking at the keyboard once in a while.

Notch claims he was inspired by Super Hexagon, the ending to Fez, and his uniquely-shaped ceiling. As you progress, you can definitely see where the ceiling inspiration came into play. If you’re not a keyboard-looker, that is.

Makes me want to play Typing of the Dead again…

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