Mirror’s Edge 2 To Release In Early 2016

EA Reveal 2016 Release For The Much-Anticipated Prequel

EA Reveal 2016 Release For The Much-Anticipated Prequel

EA have released its quarterly earnings report for the 2015 fiscal year, and revealed a 2016 release window for Mirror’s Edge 2 in the process.

The fourth quarter of the 2015 fiscal year ranges from January 1st to March 31st, so you can expect to see the highly-anticipated prequel anywhere in that time frame. However history would suggest February onward, as January isn’t a month known for AAA releases.

Mirror’s Edge 2 was revealed at E3 2013, almost 5 years after the release of the original. Mirror’s Edge didn’t sell astronomically well, in spite of resounding critical praise, but amassed a cult following regardless.

Mirror’s Edge 2 sees the return of protagonist, Faith, in what will be prequel story. As well as continue and expand upon the series’ parkour gameplay, as seen in the trailer below. 

Expect to see more of Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3 in just 5 weeks time, but in the meantime and in between times, stay tuned to Gameskinny for all the latest news!

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