Mirror’s Edge Sequel To Be Open World

Coming...when it's ready.

Coming...when it's ready.

Developed by DICE, Mirror’s Edge was a game willing to break out of the comfort zone by featuring a strong female lead character named Faith.  It featured first-person movements in a dystopian world, with strong art elements, and was all around kick-ass. At E3, it was announced that DICE would continue the story with a sequel.

The above teaser trailer was released during E3, but doesn’t tell us much about what the new Mirror’s Edge will hold. It does show footage using the actual game engine, which is the newly developed Frostbite 3 engine. Besides PC, DICE is additionally preparing to have the game arrive on the next-gen console, so when we first step onto the edge again with Faith, we will be in for some heavy views. EA’s president Frank Gibeau explained to IGN:

“Performance, animation, all those technologies that are now in gen 4, that extra computing power is going to be able to take Mirror’s Edge to the next level.”

This new Mirror’s Edge will be once again trying something different. It will feature an open-world environment in an attempt to gain a broader audience. Not much else is known save for the ending sequence of the trailer when it so unapologetically informs us “Coming soon….when ready.”

Executive Producer explains that they don’t want to, nor plan to, turn this game into a mainstream franchise and jump on the “awesome wagon”, which can change at any moment. They want to stay true to what Mirror’s Edge is, while building something better that reaches more people.

Still, an open-world environment could produce some exciting gameplay for a runner in Mirror’s Edge, and hopefully we won’t have long until we find out more details on where this new direction is heading. 

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