Missing a Good D&D Game? Try This New Civilization V Mod

There is an amazing new Civ V mod you need to try. It is awesome.

There is an amazing new Civ V mod you need to try. It is awesome.

Love Civilization V? Love Dungeons & Dragons? This new mod combines those interests in a stunning new way. The mod, Faerun for Gods and Kings, replaces all 25 civilizations, every religion, the entire technology tree, leaders, policy branches, units, and more to import the fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms into the Civilization game.

It is so good it will bring you back to any passion you may have had for either franchise. There hasn’t been a Civilization update this good since Brave New WorldIt plays just like classic Civilization, but it’s cooler because you are a dwarf. 

It is surprising how bold and ambitious this mod is. Most modifications only change a few things in a game, but Framedarchitecture reworked every item you see. Every single important race and kingdom is represented by this update.  

In this mod, policy branches become schools of magic that your leader can learn and religions become a bit more mystical. You didn’t know that you needed a D&D Civilization game, but trust me, you do. It will blow your mind. 

Go to Steam and download the mod from there. It’s certainly worth your time. 

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