Miyamoto Reveals Secrets to YouTube Celebrity iJustine

iJustine interviews Nintendo Co. head Shigeru Miyamoto, who reveals many small details about Nintendo's 2015 lineup.
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Shigeru Miyamoto–head of Nintendo Co. in Japan–appeared in Los Angeles today for an interview with famous YouTuber iJustine. During the interview, iJustine brings up a solid variety of upcoming Nintendo games to discuss, and manages to pry a few precious details out of him concerning many titles, such as Mario Maker, Zelda Wii U, and Star Fox Wii U.

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It is probably best to watch the video interview above, but in the case you don’t have the time to watch a twenty-minute video, here’s a recap of what happened:

Mario Maker

  • Mario Maker for the Wii U was in the works while Mario’s 30th anniversary was approaching, so everything fell neatly into place.
  • Miyamoto grants an insight at how sharing your levels online will look.
    • You’ll be able to see what happens when people play your course. It’s unconfirmed how this works, but it could be something as simple as game stats–number of deaths, time to finish, etc. 
    • Popularity Rankings, which has the strong potential to house different categories.

Zelda Wii U

  • Zelda worlds were always made to feel big, but due to hardware difficulties, they had to focus on giving off the illusion of size.
  • Zelda Wii U‘s main map is the same size as the world from Twilight Princess with all the distance lost while zoning to a new map.
  • There will be plenty to do in Zelda Wii U. There will be times where you forget what your original goal was, for a time. You could get lost exploring “one big long” dungeon, or you could be heading to one and get absorbed by doing other things on the side.

Star Fox Wii U

  • Star Fox Wii U should be out before Zelda.
  • Star Fox Wii U features a “cinematic” view on the TV and a “cockpit” view on the Wii U Gamepad, designed for combat situations.
  • Miyamoto denies too much info about using amiibo for games like the new Zelda or Star Fox, but he does confirm that they plan on doing something so that people that do own amiibo can get some enjoyment out of them–so nothing that saves onto the amiibo.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Other Games

  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker main character is the Toad from Super Mario Galaxy. He also brings up that all Toads are genderless, despite have having gendered appearances sometimes.
  • Captain Toad is just a normal Toad who is good at tracking down treasure.
  • Miyamoto shows off the Primal Groudon Limited Edition 3DS XL, and gives it to iJustine after the interview, signed.
  • Splatoon came out of the minds of some of Nintendo’s youngest development team members.
  • They’ve put a lot of effort into creating a “robust” single player game.
  • Basically a kid-friendly territory war squid shooter game.
  • Yoshi’s Wolly World‘s concept came from Kirby’s Epic Yarn, however Yoshi didn’t look as well with the shape presented in that game. So the developer’s made a Yoshi out of yarn and went from there.
  • Miyamoto shows off some of his Pikmin animations.

And that concludes the interview! Nothing exactly groundbreaking was revealed here, but there were some small details that dedicated Nintendo fans could drool over.

Nintendo has picked up the pace again, this year, with so many ambitious projects scheduled for 2015. It feels like Nintendo is finally going to throw the Wii U a nice juicy bone, while still showering the 3DS with a few crunchy treats. What do you think of Nintendo’s 2015 lineup?

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