Mobile Game Marketing Trends Likely to Create a Buzz in 2015

Mobile game marketing trends witnessing maximum proliferation in 2015

Mobile game marketing trends witnessing maximum proliferation in 2015

With smartphones gaining momentum in the world of technology, it will be interesting to see how the startups and established enterprises would be leveraging the benefits. Specifically talking about mobile gaming market, the emergence of smartphones and smart tablets has definitely introduced a whole new range of amazing possibilities. If you too have developed an innovative mobile gaming application and want to promote it to achieve instant downloads, then this is a blog that will tell you all. Here I’ve covered some interesting and simple-to-follow mobile game marketing trends that will enable you to acquire maximum downloads for your mobile game in 2015. So, let’s get going and take a closer look at these trends.

Mobile Game Marketing Trend No.1- Don’t miss out social media integration for your mobile game

Social media marketing has become a proven technique of gathering the attention of targeted customers. In order to ensure viral sharing of your mobile game, it is recommended to implement a rigorous social media integration campaign. By posting details of your mobile game on different social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc; you can gather instant recognition for your game, in addition to a better return on investment(ROI).

Mobile Game Marketing Trend No.2- Share video previews for your mobile game via video-sharing apps including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Flickr and many more

YouTube advertising has emerged as the fastest growing segment with a large number of marketers choosing it for promoting their products and services. You too can make the most of this video advertising technique and opt for sharing video previews of your game. Since videos grab better views, you can rest assured about making your mobile game reach millions and millions of gaming fans.



Mobile Game Marketing Trend No.3- A greater focus on monetization

Research studies show that in the coming years, individuals and enterprises willput a special emphasis on monetization of their mobile applications. With tablets witnessing a reduction in their sales as compared to phablets; marketers will have an access to offering their gaming/business applications on big screens. In addition to this, the continuous growth in Cost per Impression(CPM) will aid in making monetization a power booster for different kinds of marketers.


Mobile Game Marketing Trend No.4- Try and partner with all the leading global names in the world of mobile gaming

As the owner of a mobile gaming application, you can opt for partnering with leading mobile gaming application developers/owners who already have an excellent potential of grabbing the attention of a global audience. There are some world-renowned games which never fail in partnering with regional mobile gaming brands. Even if your mobile game isn’t known much, you can make it reach to the top app stores by getting into collaboration with global gaming app brands. 

Mobile Game Marketing Trend No.5- Put in efforts to make your mobile gaming app hit the leading app stores

With popular names like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and King enjoying topmost positions in leading app stores, it is beneficial to promote your mobile game via these stores. Well, it is actually quite difficult to gain top rank for your gaming app just on the basis of quality and user experience. You need to make proper arrangements for leveraging your brand reputation via an array of other apps that will allow customer to gather a detailed understanding of your products and services.

Mobile Game Marketing Trend No.6- A beneficial shift in the conventional advertising attributes

Mobile advertisements are shifting their approach by targeting maneuvers.In addition to this, the trend of paying and/or offering incentives to viewers for advertisements has also gained popularity in the recent years. Customers now have the flexibility of filtering the ads that keep on popping up while they are busy enjoying the features of a mobile application. With mobile ads continuing to be more more organic, users find it quite simple to get indulged in app usage, without getting distracted by the constantly flashing advertisements belonging to third-party marketers. 


There’s no doubt on the fact that the aforementioned mobile game marketing trends will play a vital role in helping you ensure that your mobile game is more engaging, fully-responsive and a complete fun element rather than ‘just another’ mobile application.

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