Mobius Final Fantasy is available now for iOS and Android

The newest Final Fantasy mobile title to deliver the home console experience is available for download today.

Today, Square Enix released Mobius Final Fantasy in the West for iOS and Android. The game was originally released last year June in Japan. 

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Mobius Final Fantasy follows the journey of an amnesiac hero who magically arrives to the world of Palamecia. He is one of many warriors that find themselves in this land with no memory. The people are in danger as the forces of Chaos begin to sweep across the land. Destiny claims that one of these heroes may be the chosen “warrior of light” meant to drive away the darkness.

The mobile Final Fantasy shares some gameplay elements with its console predecessors. Battle will be turn-based and built specifically for the mobile experience. The series’ popular job system will allow numerous choices for combinations of  jobs and abilities. The story is also written by Kazushige Nojima, whose works include Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.

The title can be downloaded now but won’t be playable until 8 am PST today.

Fans of RPGs, Final Fantasy, and mobile gaming can play Mobius Final Fantasy today.

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