Modder Brings Darth Vader to DOTA 2

The Force is strong with this mod...

The Force is strong with this mod...
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Mods are wonderful things aren’t they? The latest user generated content from a galaxy near you is none other than Darth Vader for DOTA 2, with a little R2-D2 minion to add some cute to Vader’s darkside-infused rampage. (And to think that just the other day I was writing about awesome Star Wars mods while this one nearly slipped right under my radar!)

The mod was put together by Russian gamer RustardGaming, and as you can see above, he’s transformed Juggernaut into Darth Vader. The transformation is far from complete, as currently Juggernaut only wears Vader’s helmet and wields his lightsaber. But even at this stage, the mod is surprisingly enticing. While it is unlikely to become an official skin for obvious licensing reasons, it is still a neat little reskin.

This isn’t the first mod by RustardGaming either. He’s also modded in a few other items like candy weapons. To see his latest mod in action though, all you need to do is hit play on that video above!

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