Mojam Ends, The Whole World Wins

Now I'm craving pizza topped with kitten lasers. It's a weird scenario I've found myself in.

Now I'm craving pizza topped with kitten lasers. It's a weird scenario I've found myself in.

The results are in from Mojang’s game-making extravaganza, and the words you picked to inspire the games were nuclear, French, endless, war, kittens, spaceship, and pizza.

Mojang broke up into three teams to complete the contest, and I think I speak for just about everyone when I say that the results of each teams’ efforts are awesome.

Nuclear Pizza War

HenrikJohan and Jens formed Cyborg Hippo, and brought life to a Space Invaders-esque base defense that takes place on the surface of everyone’s favorite dinner (lunch, breakfast, 3 AM snack) food. During the course of the conflict, you collect wealth from inside beautifully-rendered globules of hot cheese that you can trade for power-ups. Nuclear Pizza War is a strangely beautiful game, with the occasional weirdly dilapidated pizza slice soaring high above your cosmic battle.

Endless Nuclear Kittens

The result of the Griffmacka team, comprised MattisErik and Mans. Also a Space Invader-esque shooter, the tagline for this absolutely insane game is: “In the year 2464, kittens are the most beautiful things. Therefore, they must die.” It’s really hard to not get buried by mobs of killer cuteness in Endless Nuclear Kittens, but your weapon upgrades (my favorite is hands down the nuke, which wipes every adorable kitten off the face of the galaxy) help save the day.

Battle Frogs

Team Striped Zebras (Poi PoiNathan and Kris) brings you this tongue-in-cheek game. Named so because “you battle frogs,” of course, Battle Frogs is the culmination of the words ‘nuclear,’ ‘french’ and ‘spaceship.’ You take control of Annabelle in this strangely difficult side-scroller, explode frogs with your rocket launcher, and blast apart pesky doors that stand in your way. 

You have until March 2 to support The Humble Bundle, so head over there and donate to two very worthy charities. In exchange, you get to play these three great games, and six others (including titles like Nuke the Dinosaurs Blueprint Prototype and Space Hunk) made by the Friends of Mojang during the Mojam. 

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