Monopoly Gets With the Times: Play As An XBox Controller (Or As Some Fries)

Would you like some fries with that purchase?

Would you like some fries with that purchase?

The new Monopoly release, Monopoly Empire, has updated game tokens. I know everyone liked using the boat and putting random things in the way, I would always be like, “Captain iceberg ahead!”

On a serious note though, it is interesting to see that Monopoly is catching up to the times. Monopoly Empire will now players to use an Xbox controller, McDonalds fries, a Coke bottle, a Paramount Pictures clapboard, a motorcycle, and a car.

The style of play itself even sounds a bit different, however, I could just be misinterpreting it. The description talks about buying brands like how you purchased properties in the old version. Then it goes into talking about putting billboards on a tower. I don’t really understand how that works, it could just be a rewording of the old style to fit the new theme.

It’s really exciting to see how a game I loved as a child is being upgraded to match present day. If you’re looking forward to this, let me know. Also, if you think it’s a terrible idea let me know that as well.

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