Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Multiplayer Region-Locked

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's multiplayer servers are going to be region-locked. Why?

Do you really need to be able to communicate effectively to play Monster Hunter? It seems Capcom thinks so, as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate‘s multiplayer servers are going to be region-locked.

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Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto spoke with Gamereactor (Spanish), revealing the server split. Capcom’s Yuri L. Araujo also confirmed it on the Capcom-Unity forums, stating they are “aware of the demand and feedback” but cannot guarantee that their decision will change.

This is terrible news for those of you looking to play with friends from overseas or hoping to get some action in with Japanese players. Neither the Wii U nor the 3DS versions of the game will allow for connecting with players in other regions, despite Nintendo’s servers being capable of allowing players from different regions to play together.

This is a baffling move, and puts a bit of a damper on my (and many other Monster Hunter fans’) anticipation for the game. Hopefully Capcom will change their minds about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate‘s region locking before its release on March 19 (March 22 in Europe).

(Via Siliconera)

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