Monster Hunter 4 Adds Random Quest Maker

In a game that is already full of new stuff, Monster Hunter 4 continues to add new features with the Random Quest Maker.
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It’s only two weeks from the Japanese release of sure-to-be smash hit Monster Hunter 4, and Capcom is still revealing new monsters and features of the game.  The newest one is the “Random Quest Maker,” which allows players to generate more content for the game.

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The way the Random Quest maker appears to work is that it will allow solo hunters to generate a quest with a random monster in a random area, and with random rewards.  If the hunter manages to complete the quest, they can then share it with other hunters via them Nindtendo’s 3DS Street Pass feature.  Players can also register the quest as a Guild Quest so they can access the same quest again later. Completing the quest increases its difficulty and reward yield, giving each of these quests some replayability.


The quests have a few exclusives, including exclusive equipment sets, called “Excavation Equipment,” and apparently a few exclusive monsters.  For a bit of speculation, the random rewards from each quest are likely tied to the Excavation Equipment, meaning each quest will likely give you a piece that goes to a certain Excavation weapon or armor piece. You’re just as likely to get a part for the Excavation Lance as you are to get a piece for the Excavation Charge Axe.  The inclusion of exclusive monsters means there are a couple of monsters that you can only get materials from by beating these quests.  If I had to venture a guess, I’d say Capcom wants to feature its new monsters, so we’ll likely see more returning monsters as Random Quest exclusives than anything else.  I expect Khezu and Gypceros will be among this number, though I can’t be 100% sure.

This new feature is already tacked on to 10+ revealed new monsters, a new jumping mechanic, new Felyne Comrade options, a new climbing system, a new town mechanic, and 2 new weapon types.  Monster Hunter 4 is already extremely feature rich, and Capcom seems to still have more up their sleeves, despite the really close release date for the game.

Monster Hunter 4 releases September 14 in Japan.  No international release dates have been confirmed thus far, though an announcement is expected soon due to the relative success of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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