Monster Hunter 4 Receives Special Edition Hardware Bundle Treatment for 3DS

Whoever said the world isn't white and black clearly hadn't seen the new MH4 hardware bundles.

With just a few months left to go until its release date in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 has already roused quite a bit of excitement and clamor among the most fervent fans of the series. Though the Monster Hunter series might be best known for its vast following in its home country of Japan, recent years have seen it growing in popularity here in the States, gaining fans to the point of having a cult-like following. I mean, check out these people down here…

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Okay, I get it: Monster Hunter is kind of a big deal. What’s going on with it now?

Even though no date has been confirmed for an English release for the series’ upcoming title, for fans, September 14, 2013 cannot come soon enough. Moreover, as of today they have even more to be excited about. Nintendo has confirmed that the game will also be released with not one, but two Nintendo 3DS XL hardware bundle packages.

Available in both sleek Goa Magara Black or Felyne White, the bundles as a whole come with a brand-spanking-new 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 (of course), a stylus, a 4GB SDHC memory card, 6 AR cards, and last but not least, the obligatory, yet always appreciated starter guide.

It might be hard to justify getting both of these bundles to anyone except maybe the guys pictured above, but both special edition 3DSs look rather sleek, and more importantly their appearance fits the feel of the series: part dark and dangerous, part light and whimsical. Besides, who could pass up hunting some monsters in 3D on a 3DS inspired by those same monsters you’re hunting? Who knew that Monster Hunter could be so meta?

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