Monster Hunter Community College 2

Monster Hunter Community College 2 confirmed for June 29th.
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There is a school for Monster Hunter?!
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Not exactly, it’s more of a gaming event. Capcom’s USA office is hosting this event on June 29th for the Bay Area community. To participate in the event you must enroll on the Capcom website online right here. A few things to note, the event is free, even though it says you have to “purchase the RSVP ticket” it cost 0 Unity points so you aren’t actually purchasing anything in a monetary sense. They will also be checking IDs at the door so bring a valid form of ID, i.e.- state, school, driver’s license, or passport. Also of note, children ages 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

The Curriculum!

The event will consist of several “classes” so to speak. There will be a beginner class, for those who have never played Monster Hunter before, along with a few special interest classes, that you could either teach or just take. Refer to this thread for your input on the special interest classes.

For those that attend there will be prize drawings throughout the day, and special download content for the 3DS players. As of right now there are only 2 quests that attendees will get early download access to, however that could change as the event draws closer. You can also buy exclusive Monster Hunter merchandise from the Capcom store as well. Finally there will be a competition for those of Hunter rank 8+. It will be 2 person teams taking on the same challenge and the group to beat it the fastest will advance to the next round. So make sure you bring your system and your determination so you can be the greatest monster hunter there!

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