Monster Hunter Community College Classes on April 20

Further your monster hunting education with Capcom on April 20!

Further your monster hunting education with Capcom on April 20!

Want to take your monster hunting to the next level and live near San Mateo, California? Get ready for Capcom’s Monster Hunter Community College event at Capcom USA’s office on April 20, where you can learn to be a bigger hunter, grab some early DLC, and possibly walk away with some prizes.

The Monster Hunter Community College will be offering both beginner and intermediate hunting classes, and both experienced and new players are encouraged to take part.

Classes will be held throughout the day on April 20, with registration starting out at 10am. Enrollment is free, and RSVP tickets are currently on sale (for free) on the Capcom-Unity website. Be sure to bring your 3DS or Wii U along with your copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to class to get in on the early access event quests and to have some fun with other Monster Hunter enthusiasts.

Will this be the best event or the bestest event? Both times five! Check out the post over at Capcom-Unity for more information on the classes and enrollment in Monster Hunter Community College. Times like these make me wish I lived on the West Coast.

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