Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Takes the Hunt to a New World

The Monster Hunter movie gets its first trailer, showing Diabolos, dual blades, and more.

The Monster Hunter movie gets its first trailer, showing Diabolos, dual blades, and more.

Tencent and Constantin Films dropped a new trailer for their Monster Hunter movie adaptation, highlighting some of Capcom’s famous beasties.

The Monster Hunter movie sees a squad of soldiers transported to a new world after encountering some strange monuments in the desert. And of course, it’s a world full of monsters waiting to sink their teeth into them.

The trailer shows Diabolos and Rathalos, among a few other classic Monster Hunter monsters. Milla Jovovich’s character goes from wielding a minigun to wielding the classic dual blade weapons against large, lumbering foes.

Apart from that, there’s not too much about the trailer that’s recognizably Monster Hunter — no guilds, no Palioes, and seemingly no environmental variety that’s crucial to the series (though we did get a peek at a jungle environment in the trailer). 

However, this is the first time Tencent has shown the film in any depth, following a big delay earlier in 2020. There’s likely much more waiting to be seen. Hopefully.

Monster Hunter the movie releases in theaters on December 30.

Those looking for something more traditionally Monster Hunter can jump into Monster Hunter: World‘s Autumn Harvest Fest, which starts October 15 and lasts until November 5. On top of that, Monster Hunter Rise launches for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021, so there’s plenty of MonHun in store over the next six months.

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