Monster Hunter Online in Development, Uses CryEngine 3

This news is just too good. Now all we need is a localization. Please?

This news is just too good. Now all we need is a localization. Please?

How would you like a brand new beautiful Monster Hunter MMO? If you’re like me, then you may be willing to beat up a baby for it. Luckily for me (and the proverbial baby), Monster Hunter Online is in fact a real thing! And Capcom’s got its fingers all up in that monster pie.

Monster Hunter Online is being developed by Capcom and Chinese developer/publisher Tencent, who we are all familiar with due to their ownership of Riot Games.

This is the second Monster Hunter MMO, with Monster Hunter Frontier on the PC and Xbox 360 being the series’ original foray into he MMORPG market. While Frontier is still receiving support in Japan and other Asian territories, Online will be seeing its first release in Tencent’s native country of China. The Chinese closed beta begins in June 2013.

The video shows just how much the visuals are seeing an improvement thanks to the game running on CryEngine 3. Congalala has never looked so ugly! Even more exciting than the visuals are what look to be vehicles, on which a group of hunters can be seen chasing a Plesioth at the very end of the video.

Vehicles! In Monster Hunter!


This is just too exciting. I need to lie down.

(Via NeoGAF; Official site here)

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