Monster Hunter Riders to be First Monster Hunter Gacha Game

Monster Hunter's finally going mobile with a gacha to boot.

Monster Hunter's finally going mobile with a gacha to boot.

It seems every other mega or semi-popular series gets a mobile game these days, so why not Monster Hunter? Well, that question’s now moot. Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Riders, the first mobile game in the series.

Monster Hunter Riders appears to be set in the same — or similar universe  to Monster Hunter Stories. Both titles feature Riders, who are able to ride and fight alongside their monster companions.

That’s not all the two have in common. Monster Hunter Riders will also feature a turn-based combat system akin to that of Monster Hunter Stories, though what’s seen in this brief clip posted by the game’s official Twitter has an auto and speed up feature.

Monster Hunter Riders will be a gacha game, as evidenced by the 3-Star Rathian available to those who pre-register if the game surpass 200,000 pre-registers.

There is no word on a global release as of yet, but it’s very likely Capcom will bring Monster Hunter Riders West considering the success of the paid port of Monster Hunter Stories on mobile two years ago.

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