Monster Hunter Rise Announced for Nintendo Switch, Lets You Pet the Dog

Monster Hunter Rise is a new Switch exclusive MonHun game with new companions, monsters, and a whole new world to explore.

Monster Hunter Rise is a new Switch exclusive MonHun game with new companions, monsters, and a whole new world to explore.
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Capcom revealed Monster Hunter Rise as its flagship announcement in September’s Nintendo Mini-Direct. Set for a March, 26 2021 release, it’s a brand-new Monster Hunter game developed for Nintendo Switch that takes the series to new heights — literally.

Capcom said Monster Hunter Rise is built around the new Wirebug feature. These bugs augment hunters’ exploration abilities in big ways, from letting them run up cliffs to grapple swinging through trees and more.

Wirebugs also have a use in combat. They’ll merge with weapons and unlock unique attacks for each weapon type. Just as the Wire Bugs form the core of Monster Hunter Rise‘s environments, Capcom said combat is built around them as well.

Speaking of environments, Monster Hunter Rise‘s world is a seamless one, along the same lines as Monster Hunter: World.

Hunters have additional ways to explore and fight in Rise thanks to a trusty new companion introduced in a follow-up Monster Hunter Direct: the Palamute.

It’s the Palico’s canine counterpart, but unlike the feisty felines, Palamutes join hunters in physical combat. They also act as mounts, sprinting across the vast open-world without using up stamina. Hunters can use certain items and consumables while riding the Palamute, and yes, you can pet the dog.

The Palicos are back too, though. Players can take two companions of any combination with them on a journey, and only one if they’re playing multiplayer.

Like any new Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Rise includes a mixed roster of new and returning monsters. Today’s reveal showcase highlighted four new ones.

First is the flagship monster Magnamalo. Capcom wouldn’t say much about this one, other than its a dark Wyvern full of menace.

Next is Asnosom, a bird Wyvern that uses its crest as a weapon. The crest changes shape and gives Asnosom different attack abilities, so its what hunters need to pay the most attention to during battle.

Asnosom is joined by another bird Wyvern, the Great Izuchi. These travel in packs of three and work together to bring down their prey (that’s you).

Then there’s Tetranadon. This one’s a giant amphibian that consumes gravel to change its body shape. Each new form has different attack patterns to learn.

One last thing Capcom mentioned is the return of an MH: World feature where monsters fight each other. New features and mechanics are being added to it, which will be shared at a later date.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on March 21, 2021, for Nintendo Switch alongside three new amiibo: a Palico, a Palamute, and Magnamalo. These unlock new layered armor sets.

More information is set for the Tokyo Game Show later in September, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Monster Hunter Rise news as it develops.

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