Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Final Update Adds Primordial Malzeno, Story Conclusion

Here's what you can expect from the final Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update, Version 16.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

After teasing big things last week, Capcom has pulled back the curtain on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s final update. As the epic conclusion to the story started a little over two years ago, Version 16 will add Primordial Malzeno and take hunters to the source of the plague that has afflicted Rise’s universe since its beginning.

For hunters to partake in this final duel, they’ll need to have completed the previous story missions and be at Master Rank 10. That’s not a tough barrier to cross, as you’ll naturally get there just by playing the main quests. Alongside Primordial Malzeno comes a new set of armor with armor augmentations and tons of new decorations to fit into it. The final update will also bring new regularly occurring event quests that include some new layered armor pieces.

If you’d like to spend some more money, Capcom will be introducing a new set of cosmetic DLC that you purchase for your hunter. New bundles at “affordable prices” will contain multiple new layered armor sets, and themed packs will compile certain sets together for easier purchasing.

In an interesting decision, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Version 16 will be available for Switch and PC starting June 8. With the previous updates having not reached Xbox and PlayStation platforms yet, Capcom will be releasing a larger, single patch on August 24. That will get all hunters up to the same threshold and able to experience the entirety of this chapter in Monster Hunter’s history.

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