Monster Hunter Stories 2 launches for Nintendo Switch in 2021 and continues Capcom's friendlier MonHun spinoff series.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Soars Into Action on Nintendo Switch in 2021

Monster Hunter Stories 2 launches for Nintendo Switch in 2021 and continues Capcom's friendlier MonHun spinoff series.
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Monster Hunter Stories 2 made a surprise appearance during the September Nintendo Direct. It’s a follow-up to the 2017 3DS game where monsters are friends, not foes, and story takes center stage.

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Capcom didn’t share as much about Monster Hunter Stories 2 as it did the other new MonHun reveal. But it did shed some light on what to expect from the story.

Players take control of a fledgling Monster Rider who just so happens to be the descendant of a legendary Rider called Red. There’s a Wyvernian girl who’s received a Rathalos egg and has some kind of affinity with the iconic monster breed.

The Rathalos are disappearing from the world for unknown reasons. Eventually, the paths of the protagonist and the Wyvern girl cross, and a grand adventure unfolds full of monsters to befriend. The bonds forged with these monsters on the way have some kind of bearing on how the story unfolds, and Capcom promised connectivity with Stories 2 and Monster Hunter Rise.

And that’s about it for what Capcom showed off. However, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is set for a summer 2021 release, and Capcom promised more info to follow at the 2020 Tokyo Game Show.

The original Monster Hunter Stories was a departure for the series. Rather than harvesting monster parts for better gear, Stories revolved around friendships with monsters and coming-of-age stories for the young Monster Riders. While it suffered from some presentation issues, we called it a solid RPG with a thoughtful story full of heart.

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