Monster Hunter World Launches Its First Ever Holiday Celebration

Monster Hunter World is ready for the holidays with decorations, events, and more.

Monster Hunter World is ready for the holidays with decorations, events, and more.
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The holidays are upon us and games everywhere are kicking off their annual winter events. Joining in on the holiday fun for the first time this year is Monster Hunter: World with it’s “Winter Star Fest”. The event kicked off today (November 30), and features decorations, challenge quests, and some awesome holiday rewards.

Upon logging in, players will discover the Celestial Pursuit in Astera has been decked out with holiday flair — icicles, sparkles, and fireworks. They’ll also be able to access several previous event and challenge quests, allowing them to pick up anything they may have missed over the last year.

During the event — which lasts until December 17 — players will be able to collect Winter Star Tickets and create special holiday-themed armor. Winter Star Tickets can even be used to create a Snow Set for Palicos.

They can also attempt the “Timberland Troublemakers” event quests and earn Bristly Crake Tickets which are needed to craft and upgrade the Bristly Pincushion hammer.

And, as expected, there are costume sets available as well — for both players and their Poogies.

Those interested in the event can check out the video above, or hit up the Monster Hunter World website.

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