A look at Moomoo.io the new io game from Sydney De Vries.

Moomoo.io: Great New IO Game

A look at Moomoo.io the new io game from Sydney De Vries.
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From the creator of Doblons.io, Vertix.io and Karnage.io comes another .io game, Moomoo.io.

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What is Moomoo.io?

Besides being a game with an odd name, Moomoo.io is the latest in a long line of new games to be added to the growing .io games list.

In this latest addition, you play as a settler in a world littered with other settlers. All of whom are looking to collect the same resources and inevitably fight for survival. To become the best you must reach the number one slot on the leaderboard. A pretty standard io game idea, but the execution is anything but standard.

You run around a virtual world that is covered in trees, bushes and rocks. All you have to do is collect; wood, food and rocks. Once you collect enough, you can start to build barriers that can be used to prevent players from passing through. Making them perfect for building up a fort and protecting resources, allowing you to harvest in peace. Well, relative peace. Players will try to attack your barriers, which can be destroyed if they are hit enough. You have to scare them away by defending your base.

Once you feel your base is strong enough and you have enough resources, you can build a windmill. Windmills generate points over time and you need points to gain position on the leaderboard. So there is a reason to build them.

Of course, players can also earn points by killing other players. So make sure you are either really good at running away or really good at defending your fort.

No matter your preferred style of play, this game is really fun and it feels like it has a potentially very wide scope. Future updates could add more characters, weapons, types of barriers, different resources to gather and with each new addition, the game will gain a new mechanic and reason for people to play.

Will it be the Next Big IO Game?

As I said, it feels like the game could grow, although it would depend on how the game is received. Players seem to love Mope.io and Moomoo.io includes aspects of that. Diep.io was a big hit and Moomoo.io does employ a similar system, albeit to a lesser degree — could a mix of these two well received .io games do well?

Play the game and let me know what you think. Will it be a big hit or a massive flop?


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