Mordhau Sells 60,000 Copies In One Day

Mordhau quickly smashes into the top-selling games on Steam just one day after launch.

Mordhau quickly smashes into the top-selling games on Steam just one day after launch.

Mordhau, the medieval multiplayer melee game developed by independent developer Triternion in conjunction with Munich-based startup zeuz, sold 60,000 copies on Steam only 24-hours after launch.

Featuring three game modes  including battle royale — as well as endless fighting styles and medieval weapons, Mordhau has a little bit of something for everyone. While there is no confirmation on how many units the game has sold since it reached its 24-hour milestone, the game stayed in the top-ranking games on Steam for three weeks after launch. As of this writing, it is ranked #3 on the platform’s top-selling list.

Mordhau focuses on skill-based combat and customization. Battles can have up to 64 players at one time. With ladder fights, siege engines such as ballistas, and cavalry charges, the battlefield is ever changing. The game is multiplayer only. 

In our review of the game, Jordan Baranowski said: 

[Mordhau] is a game about big moments and personal storytelling. If you can find a group of like-minded friends, you could have an absolute blast with Mordhau, especially if Triternion continues to add features and tweak things for a bit better user experience.

There’s a lot to like here, and the game rewards skill to the point that it’s no wonder Mordhau has become a Twitch darling.

To make things even more personal, players can not only customize their characters but also their weapons and armor. Collecting different items in the game leads to a wide variety of weapon types and techs. Players can become engineers, building defenses for their teammates, or they can rain arrows from above or lead the front-line charge with a sword and shield. 

With the success zeuz and Triternion have already had, it begs to wonder what lies ahead for not only Mordhau but other games the companies might be working on together. Whatever it may be, the continued partnership between the two companies seems bright indeed. 


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