Mordheim: City of the Damned releases two new heroes

Players of the Warhammer themed strategy rpg now have two new heroes to choose to lead their warbands.

Players of the Warhammer themed strategy rpg now have two new heroes to choose to lead their warbands.

If you have been looking for a way to add more flavor to your armies in Mordheim: City of the Damned, developer Rogue Factor has released the second of their “Hired Swords” DLC packs. The newest addition to the armies of Mordheim include a Wolf-Priest of Ulric, available to the Sisters of Sigmar and Human Mercenaries warbands; as well as the Doomweaver, available to Skaven and Cult of the Possessed armies.

Both characters have unique attributes that will make them interesting additions to either team. Due to their flexibility in being added to multiple warbands, these units will be able to take features from both of their applicable associates. For example, the Wolf-Priests of Ulric gain access to the “Righteous Fury”, “Divine Aegis”, and “Absolute Faith” abilities from the Sisters of Sigmar, while also gaining the “Guard Stance” ability typically unique to the Human Mercenaries.

Guard Stance will allow the warpriests to be able to take a defensive stance that increases their armor for a turn, while the Sisters of Sigmar abilities will allow for them to gain increased resistance versus ranged attacks, increase their odds of passing checks related to unit bravery, and gain an attack that lowers the foes’ damage and strategic options.

This update follows the release of the first “Hired Swords” DLC. Released roughly two months ago, it introduced the Smuggler and Poison Wind Globadier classes. No word has been given yet as to any schedule regarding further releases of “Hired Swords” content, but Rogue Factor has made mention of more content to be released in the future, which may very well include additional units for all armies.

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